9 easy skill moves (7mlc)

0:30 The Matthews 1:11 Touch Stepover (Matthews with stepover) 1:53 Outside inside 2:25 The Elastico 3:09 The Roulette / Zidane 3:45 Fake Shot & Cut 4:31 Double Stepover (Stepover + fake & take) 5:18 Fake Pass (Open to pass but rollover & cut outside foot) 6:00 The Chop (Ronaldo Chop)

20 minute indoor workout (7mlc)

Cardio: 30 seconds Round one: high knees Round two: jumping jacks Fast feet: forwards Fast feet: 10 reps each Round one: two feet forwards Round two: lateral right Round three: lateral left Stationary ball mastery: 30 seconds Round one: inside inside Round two: inside outside both feet Round three: sole rolls Dynamic ball mastery: 10…