The spectrum of football player development

In Carli Lloyd’s book “When nobody was watching“, coach James Galanis claims that the development of a soccer player covers a spectrum that’s based on 5 pillars (Technical Skills, Tactical Awareness, Physical Power, Mental Toughness & Character). Read more about the FIVE PILLARS Methodology on the website of Universal Soccer Academy.

Ajax Amsterdam develops young talent applying the TIPS-system. TIPS stands for Technique, Insight / Intelligence, Personality & Speed. I agree with Ajax that speed deserves a separate pillar and I totally agree with James Galanis that physical power is a very important aspect of the modern soccer game. 

It goes without saying that the foundation is a healthy mind in a healthy body (“mens sana in corpore sano”), that’s why I grouped all topics regarding physical fitness below “Body” and all psychology-related topics below “Mind”. 

Every pillar has multiple sub-disciplines. The exercises on this website (*) are grouped per pillar and per sub-discipline.

PILLAR #1 – Technical Skills

PILLAR #2 – Tactical Awareness

PILLAR #3 – Speed

PILLAR #4 – Body

PILLAR #5 – Mind

(*) IMPORTANT NOTICE: the content is still very limited, I know. Only the hyperlinked disciplines above have at least 1 exercise or post.