The journey to become a great soccer player is very long and unfolds incrementally. You have to take a single step, then another one, then another. Just put one foot in front of the other and don’t worry about the length of the path. Just follow your feet.

I’m a soccer dad who discovered the fun of doing 1-on-1 football exercises with my son. This is a personal blog on which I collect individual training exercises that a player can do on its own or with maximum 1 training partner.

When my son started playing soccer back in 2014 (in the under 8 age group), most of the other kids in the team were already playing soccer for more than a year. My son was taking his first steps and missing some basic skills, so I decided to give him some tips. After searching the internet a few minutes, I stumbled on & the Soccer University YouTube Channel. SoccerU claims to be the World’s Most Extensive Soccer Training Series and since then, I haven’t found a better course for beginning soccer players. I watched the complete SoccerU & Blast The Ball series & I translated the video content to small technical football training workouts. I started playing 15 to 30 minutes of football almost every day with my son in our backyard. Especially in the beginning, my son improved really quickly.  Because we both enjoy our individual soccer trainings, we simply keep doing this.

On the internet & especially on YouTube, you find a lot of high quality content regarding soccer player development. The only problem: the overall development plan is missing. It isn’t always clear why you would do a certain drill and which aspect you’re trying to improve. On this website, we do our best to everthing into a “Category” so you know which part of the spectrum that it aims to improve. Checkout the 5 pillars of player development for the Category-overview.