High pressure is very popular and an important part of modern football tactics. You see it a lot in youth football and futsal. A physically stronger and faster youth team can sometimes be “overly succesful” and completely suffocate their opponent with well agressively executed high pressure. The team that’s unable to get out of high pressure, risks to suffer one goal after the other.

So, what can you do to get out of high pressure in a game when building up from the back?
Here are some tips:

  1. Clear communication is essential when building up from the back. Players need to know who to pass the ball to, where to move, and when to switch the play. Make sure that your players are constantly communicating with each other and calling for the ball.
  2. One effective way to break through high-pressure tactics is to move the ball quickly. Use short, sharp passes to move the ball around the pitch and create space. This will force the opponent to work harder to close down passing lanes and create openings for your team to exploit.
  3. One or two-touch passes can also help to break down high-pressure tactics. When players take too many touches, they give the opponent time to close them down. Encourage your players to pass the ball with just one or two touches, so they can move the ball quickly and keep the opposition on their toes.
  4. Playing long balls can be an effective way to bypass high-pressure tactics. Look for opportunities to play the ball over the top of the opposition’s defense and into the space behind. This can create opportunities for your team to counter-attack or build up play from a different area of the pitch.
  5. Using the width of the pitch can also help to break down high-pressure tactics. When the opposition closes down space in the middle of the pitch, look for opportunities to switch the play to the wings. This can create space for your team to exploit and make it harder for the opposition to press.
  6. Finally, the best way to get better at dealing with high-pressure tactics is to practice under pressure. Set up training drills that simulate high-pressure situations, so your players can get used to dealing with them. This will help to build their confidence and improve their ability to make quick decisions under pressure.

In conclusion, getting out of high pressure in a soccer game when building up from the back requires good communication, quick passing, one or two-touch play, long balls, using the width of the pitch, and practicing under pressure. By following these tips, you can improve your team’s ability to deal with high-pressure tactics and build up play from the back.

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