High pressure is very popular in modern football. You also see it a lot in youth soccer and futsal. Especially in futsal, a much physically stronger and faster youth team can sometimes be “overly succesful” and completely suffocate their opponent with well agressively executed high pressure. With the words “overly succesful”, I mean that sometimes a physically weaker youth team is unable to get away from their own backline and suffers one goal after the other. I’ve seen it happen. Similar scenarios repeating over and over again. Defender receives ball coming from the backline and tries to get away from pressure. Defender passes the ball back to the goalie. The goalie is also under pressure and loses the ball after the first touch. Goal. Repeat.

What are the possible strategies to avoid getting smuttered? Here are 3 tips to get out of high pressure:

  • Try reaching open wingers or the striker by delivering a long ball.
  • Pass the ball in the air if it’s necessary to get the ball over a player to reach your team mate.
  • If you need to deliver short passes, then perform those passes quickly and accurately. Make the ball travel fast on a short pass.
  • If you have no passing options whatsoever, quickly drive the ball away from pressure and move all the way through.

Easier said than done, but nobody can be blamed for trying.

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