N’Golo Kanté is widely regarded as one of the best defensive midfielders in the world, known for his exceptional reading of the game. There are several reasons why Kante’s reading of the game is considered to be excellent:

  1. Anticipation: Kante has an incredible ability to anticipate the movements and intentions of opposing players. He possesses exceptional spatial awareness and can predict where the ball is going to be played next. This allows him to position himself in the right areas to intercept passes or make crucial tackles.
  2. Tactical Understanding: Kante has a deep understanding of the tactical aspects of the game. He is well-versed in defensive positioning and knows how to cut passing lanes effectively. He understands the patterns of play and the positioning of his teammates, which enables him to provide excellent defensive cover and support to his team.
  3. Quick Decision Making: Kante makes quick and intelligent decisions on the field. He assesses the situation rapidly and reacts accordingly, whether it’s intercepting a pass, making a tackle, or initiating a counter-attack. His ability to make split-second decisions helps him stay one step ahead of his opponents.
  4. Work Rate and Stamina: Kante’s incredible work rate and stamina contribute significantly to his ability to read the game well. He covers vast amounts of ground during matches, constantly scanning the field and analyzing the movements of players around him. His relentless work ethic allows him to maintain focus and concentration throughout the game, which enhances his ability to read and react to situations.
  5. Natural Instincts: He has an intuitive understanding of the game, which allows him to make the right decisions without overthinking. His instincts enable him to be at the right place at the right time, making crucial interventions and interceptions.