Always warm-up before starting a shooting drill.
Visually indicate the scoring zones by putting a cone near each post.

Drill #1 – Center

With 2 cones on 1 line at the center of the field, just outside the 16. The ball is between the 2 cones.

  1. Run to the second cone.
  2. Turn back to the ball and turn with the ball.
  3. Shoot with left / right foot into one of the 2 scoring zones.

Variant: body feint before turn or shot.

Use the inside foot when placing the ball at the near post. Shoot with an instep for a more powerful shot at the far post.

Drill #2 – Move and finish

With 1 cone at the side, near the 16 meter line.

  1. Dribble towards the cone.
  2. Execute a move.
  3. Shoot fast. Low in the far corner or high at the near post.

Drill #3 – Deadly curl

With some cones at the side of the goal. Almost 16 meters out.

  1. Drive the ball and cut inside.
  2. Execute a long curl around the goal keeper and towards the far post.

Variant: fake the curl for the far post and slot it at the near post.