#1 Inside foot

Stay on your toes to adjust position
Cushion the ball by moving your foot away

With a directional first touch, you can go into attack quicker.
Open up your body in the direction that you want to go.
Send the ball in the direction you want to go.

#2 Laces

If you keep your foot up, the ball will bounce up.
If you keep your foot low, the ball will drop dead on the deck.

#3 Outside of the foot

Either keep it close to the body or use it for a directional first touch.

#4 Using the sole of the foot

Take the bounce out of the ball with the sole of your foot.
For extra flair, do it like Marcelo.

#5 Using the thigh

Cushion the ball with your thigh.
For directional control: open up your body and push it in the direction you want to go.

#6 Chest control

For when the ball is too high for your feet or thighs.
Simply cushion it or open up your body for directional control.

#7 Over the shoulder

Variant 1: Point toe towards yourself.
Variant 2: Push ball out in front of you.