Arjen Robben is widely regarded as one of the best wingers in the history of football. One of his greatest strengths was his finishing ability, which was characterized by several unique features.

Firstly, Robben had an incredible ability to cut inside from the right flank and shoot with his left foot. This move, which became known as the “Robben cut”, was one of his trademark moves and was almost impossible for defenders to stop. He would receive the ball on the right wing, take a touch to set himself up, and then cut inside onto his left foot before unleashing a powerful shot into the far corner of the net.

Secondly, Robben had an exceptional sense of timing when it came to making runs into the box. He had a knack for arriving at just the right moment to meet a cross or a through ball, and his lightning-fast reactions and acceleration allowed him to get to the ball before defenders could react.

Thirdly, Robben had a very distinctive shooting technique. He would often hit the ball with the outside of his foot, generating a lot of power and curl on the shot. This made his shots unpredictable and difficult for goalkeepers to save, as they often swerved and dipped in unexpected ways.

Finally, Robben was extremely composed and clinical in front of goal. He rarely wasted chances and had a remarkable ability to remain calm under pressure. He was particularly adept at chipping the ball over onrushing goalkeepers, using his delicate touch and impeccable timing to score some truly memorable goals.

Overall, Arjen Robben’s finishing ability was characterized by his unique combination of speed, skill, timing, and composure. His ability to cut inside onto his left foot, his lightning-fast runs into the box, his distinctive shooting technique, and his clinical finishing made him a fearsome opponent for defenders and a joy to watch for fans of the game.