How to improve shooting from outside of the box. There are 2 different long shots: the hard driven shot and the curling shot that goes for the long corner. (When shooting from farther out, the hard driven shot is mostly the best option for success.)

Watch the keeper, decide where you want to put the ball (i.e. your target) and shoot the ball with an even-balanced body position.

Power in the shot comes from technique:

  • Put your standing leg in the direction of your target. Slightly bend your knee and keep your body position balanced.
  • Lock the ankle of your shooting foot.
  • Lift your opposite arm, swing your foot back, hit the ball (in the center for the hard driven shot / down on the side for the curling shot) and follow through.
  • Practice landing on your shooting foot to get that optimal leg swing and follow-through.

Start practicing the technique from close to goal and stationary balls and gradually move further out. Then practice with a moving ball with a run-up of about 5 strides.

Always keep in mind to focus on the target always avoid to blindly blast the ball or you will lose all precision.

To master this long distance shots: go out there and repeat every day!