Juggling develops concentration, coordination and helps with keeping a good posture.
Moreover, juggling is a great way to improve your ball skills.

The table below contains different juggling levels up to level 20.
Start with level 1 and then move up to the next level.

Check out this YouTube playlist of my son juggling up to level 20.

How high do you get?

Level Juggling exercise (U12)
1 40x dominant foot
2 30x non-dominant f uoot
3 40x alternating left & right foot
4 15x dominant thigh
5 10x non-dominant thigh
6 15x alternating thighs
7 10x headers
8 80x freestyle
9 5x (5x right foot – 5x left foot)
10 5x (2x right foot – 2x left foot – 1x thigh left or right)
11 10x (1x dominant foot – 1x dominant thigh)
12 7x (1 non-dominant foot – 1x non-dominant thigh)
13 5x (1x non-dominant foot – 1x dominant foot – 1x header)
14 10x (1x foot – 1x thigh – 1x header)
15 10x (1x dominant foot – 1x dominant thigh – 1x header – 1x non-dominant thigh – 1x non-dominant foot)
16 35m move forward while juggling with feet
17 35m move forward while juggling with thighs
18 40m move forward while juggling freestyle
19 8x (1x dominant foot – 1x non-dominant foot – 1x dominant thigh – 1x non-dominant thigh – 2x header)
20 8x (1x dominant foot – 1x dominant thigh – 1x shoulder – 1x header – 1x shoulder – 1x non-dominant thigh – 1x non-dominant  foot)