Making a skill straight from a pass is often a great way to beat an onrushing defender, because you use their momentum against them – and in today’s Unisport football skills tutorial, JayMike will share 5 skills that you can use to beat defenders straight from a pass.

  1. Turn toe flick (0:21):
    pass comes in an you flick the ball to one side of the defender (over the outstretched leg) while running at the other side and get the ball. Obviously, there has to be free space behind the defender.
  2. Tap inside tap (1:45):
    touch inside one foot and touch inside with the other foot to go behind you, turn and explode.
  3. Sole stopper (3:02):
    stop the ball with the sole, turn and put both feet down. Next, go past the incoming defender with a move like a croqueta.
  4. Bambi on ice (4:22):
    run to the ball and change direction with a Ronaldo-chop.
  5. Berber spin (5:22):
    stop the ball with the inside of the foot, turn around the ball and flick the ball up over the outstretch leg of the defender.