First exercise (60 seconds): dragback right, turn open 90° to the right, push forward inside right foot, toe tap from right to left foot, roll over the ball with the left foot, push forward with the inside of the right foot 90° to the left. Now do the same thing with your other side, i.e. dragback left, turn open 90° to the left, and so on.

Second exercise (60 seconds): stepover right, in-between left to right, stepover left, in-between right to left & repeat.

Third exercise (60 seconds): cut inside right, push sideways outside left foot, cut outside right, cut outside left, cut inside left, push sideways outside right foot, cut outside left, cut outside right and so on.

Fourth exercise (60 seconds): foot on the ball, drag it back & push with outside of the same foot across, fake rabona cut back, use sole of the same foot to drag across of the body to the inside of the opposite foot to repeat with the other side.

Fifth exercise (60 seconds): L-drag behind standing leg with right foot, pull back with left foot, push open with inside of the right foot, drag the ball with the sole of the right foot across the body. Repeat with the other side.