7mlc explaining how you can beat defenders simply by keeping your own speed while adapting to the body position (i.e. hip-rotation) of the defender. It all comes down to using the momentum of the defender to your advantage (while keeping some of your own momentum) and accelerate into the other direction.

Move #1 (0:33): if the defender is over-eagerly moving directly towards you, then take a long touch past the defender & accelerate in the opposite direction. Great move for taking the ball down the line.

Move #2 (3:04): lure the defender in. Go fast towards the defender, slow down in front of the defender to make him think that you’re stopping. Ideally, you make the defender go flat-footed & then in a split second, you go fast again. Great move to surprise the defender and create danger in front of the goal.

Move #3 (5:26): the zig-zag (i.e. changing direction very quickly). Take multiple inside-outside touches at high speed that force the defender into swiveling the hips. This way, this will take the defender much more time to turn and chase you.