How to dribble with speed (7mlc)

7mlc explaining how you can beat defenders simply by keeping your own speed while adapting to the body position (i.e. hip-rotation) of the defender. It all comes down to using the momentum of the defender to your advantage (while keeping some of your own momentum) and accelerate into the other direction. Move #1 (0:33): if…

9 easy skill moves (7mlc)

0:30 The Matthews 1:11 Touch Stepover (Matthews with stepover) 1:53 Outside inside 2:25 The Elastico 3:09 The Roulette / Zidane 3:45 Fake Shot & Cut 4:31 Double Stepover (Stepover + fake & take) 5:18 Fake Pass (Open to pass but rollover & cut outside foot) 6:00 The Chop (Ronaldo Chop)