Each of the 5 exercises: do the exercise for (at least) 30 seconds – rest 30 seconds and repeat 3 times. Then proceed to next exercise.

Exercise #1 (0:11):

  • roll the ball with laterally with 1 foot (R/L) to the other (L/R)
  • roll the ball back laterally (L/R to R/L)
  • push the ball forward (with R/L)
  • drag the ball back (with R/L)
  • roll the ball to the other foot (R/L to L/R)
  • drag the ball in a complete square around the cone ending at (L/R) foot
  • repeat with the other foot

Exercise #2 (1:44):

  • at the left cone, make a square CW, then a second CCW
  • drag the ball to the right cone
  • at the right cone, make a square CCW, then a second CW
  • drag the ball to the left cone
  • repeat

Exercise #3 (3:33):

  • 4 V-moves ending at the outside of the 2 cones
  • drag the ball to the other cone at the far side of cones
  • repeat

Exercise #4 (5:23):

  • Cruijff-move in an L-shape and back
  • in between 2 cones: switch foot with a toe tap
  • repeat

Exercise #5 (7:21):

  • between 3 cones
  • toe tap alternating going above a cone, then under the next cone
  • when at an outside cone, change direction