Resistance band exercises

“To get the most out of them, plan for two resistance band sessions per week, resting at least 48 hours between sessions.  Select six exercises from the Base Exercises section and two from the Soccer Simulation section for a total of 8 exercises. Perform 15 reps on each exercise for three sets, with a 30…

5 single leg plyometric exercises

There exercises focuses on single leg plyometric exercises. As shooting and passing in football is executed on 1 leg, these exercises are supposed to help with the balance and stability on 1 leg for footballers. 1:37 Progressive skater jumps Great for lateral explosiveness. With 6 cones spread evenly. The biggest jump should be maximum effort….

Learn sprinting technique

Basics: from A-March to A-Skip. Focus points: 90° degree angles at ankle, knees, hip & elbow good posture: stay tall maintain slight forward lean drive foot underneath center of mass Advanced: A-Skip, B-Skip & More.  

20 minute indoor workout (7mlc)

Cardio: 30 seconds Round one: high knees Round two: jumping jacks Fast feet: forwards Fast feet: 10 reps each Round one: two feet forwards Round two: lateral right Round three: lateral left Stationary ball mastery: 30 seconds Round one: inside inside Round two: inside outside both feet Round three: sole rolls Dynamic ball mastery: 10…